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The belly is the place of the body where all our emotions, our stress, our anxieties, our fears are lodged. It is a sensitive area where the intimate, the ticklish or the unpleasant give way to relaxation and calming during a massage.

A gentle, enveloping massage to calm the mind, harmonize body and mind and revitalize vital energy.


This massage with organic* vegetable and essential oils allows you to:


☯︎ release emotional tensions

☯︎ de-stress, relax and comfort

☯︎ relieve abdominal pain

☯︎ firm the tissues

☯︎ promote the circulation of body fluids

☯︎ restore vigor

☯︎ return to a soft belly

☯︎ bring relaxation

Treat yourself to this experience or offer a gift card...

*Massages with organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils

* Massages do not replace a medical act or gesture. No diagnosis will be made.

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