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Our belly… precious vital center

The belly is the place of the body where all our emotions, our stress, our anxieties, our fears are lodged.

It is our vital center that allows us to digest both physical food and painful emotional experiences.

Precious and intelligent energy center, this living area is sometimes imbued with modesty.

It is the place of the intimate, the ticklish or the unpleasant which gives way to relaxation and appeasement during a massage.

A gentle and enveloping moment of relaxation to calm the mind, harmonize body and mind and revive our vitality, the belly massage allows you to:

☯︎ relieve tension

☯︎ soothe the mind

☯︎ relax the diaphragm

☯︎ facilitate breathing

☯︎ improve transit

☯︎ promote the circulation of vital energy

☯︎ tone the organs

☯︎ boost the immune system

☯︎ harmonize emotions

Our belly has a lot to tell us... it's up to us to listen to it and take the greatest care of it.

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