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Exam stress, massage relief

Teens and young adults often approach exam preparation and exam time with apprehension, stress and sometimes even anxiety.

Massage allows you to relax your body and mind, an excellent way to:

☯︎ optimize concentration

☯︎ improve memory

☯︎ build self-confidence

☯︎ soothe physical, mental and emotional tensions

☯︎ relieve stress

☯︎ soothe anxieties

☯︎ disconnect with what clutters the mind

☯︎ improve sleep

☯︎ reconnect with yourself

☯︎ approach an exam with serenity

An accompaniment by the massage makes it possible to free up space and to approach this period with more serenity.

Ideally 2 to 3 sessions of 1 hour before the exam.

Bio’n’heur & Sérénité offers you a student package 3 massages of 1 hour + 1 massage of 30 minutes offered

Session at the Bio’n’heur & Sérénité office in Quéven (56)

Rates and reservations on or to

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