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The nape and the neck are the support and the mobility of the head. They connect the head with the body, the thoughts with the actions, the brain with the heart.

This neck/head massage is extremely relaxing. It connects precise, slow and deep pressures on the whole of the skull, completed by an oil massage of the neck, alternating deep smoothings and pressures on a slow and regular rhythm.


This massage with organic* vegetable and essential oils allows you to:


☯︎ relieve stress

☯︎ release neck tension

☯︎ relax the body

☯︎ reduce sleep disorders

☯︎ soothe and relax

☯︎ tone and revitalize

☯︎ improve concentration, memorization, thinking

☯︎ bring vitality to the hair

Treat yourself to this experience or offer a gift card...

*Massages with organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils

* Massages do not replace a medical act or gesture. No diagnosis will be made.

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