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The legs are used to walk, to relate to others and the world.

Extremely relaxing and soothing, this massage releases the tension accumulated in the legs.

Enveloping and toning, it warms the legs and makes them feel lighter.


This massage with organic* vegetable and essential oils allows you to:


☯︎ promote better drainage

☯︎ improve the circulation of body fluids

☯︎ untie and release tensions

☯︎ bring muscle and joint relaxation

☯︎ soften fabrics

☯︎ provide relaxation for the legs

☯︎ bring comfort to the feet

☯︎ stimulate venous return

Treat yourself to this experience or offer a gift card...

*Massages with organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils

* Massages do not replace a medical act or gesture. No diagnosis will be made.

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