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The back and spine refer to our verticality, to what is sacred and hidden.

From a symbolic aspect, the back is turned towards the non-visible, towards the unconscious.

It is the main place where we find the tensions due to the worries of everyday life.

The Balinese back massage is enveloping and invigorating.

It releases tension and relaxes the muscles.

Kneading, muscle stretching, sliding with sesame oil*, the rhythms alternate to facilitate calming and reconnecting with oneself.


This massage with organic* vegetable and essential oils allows you to:


☯︎ relieve tension

☯︎ relieve pain

☯︎ renew energy

☯︎ bring muscle relaxation

☯︎ soften fabrics

☯︎ provide a feeling of well-being

☯︎ bring to a state of deep relaxation

☯︎ give an impression of lightness

Treat yourself to this experience or offer a gift card...

*Massages with organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils

* Massages do not replace a medical act or gesture. No diagnosis will be made.

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