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Ostara, vernal equinox


The spring equinox is here !

Spring, a season of rebirth and growth when the shadows of winter give way to soft, warm light. A time when nature wakes up from a long slumber and blossoms.

The branches are covered with buds, the first flowers appear, the energy rises and the desire for renewal is felt.

Ostara, a festival that celebrates spring, is a time of meditation, sharing, reconnection that signals the time to hatch, to create, to sow...

This is the time when our soul finds renewed vitality, motivation, inspiration and joy…. the opportunity to let go of the old and reinvent ourselves.

Now is the perfect time to:

• do a "big spring cleaning"

• purify our energies

• create harmony within yourself, at home and around you

• illuminate our shadows

• reconnect with what seeks to flourish and grow within us.

A few rituals to welcome and celebrate spring :

☯︎ observe and contemplate nature

☯︎ note what obstructs us, ask the spirit of Nature to transform what needs to be, breathe deeply and let go

☯︎ breathe mindfully and remember why spring is so special

☯︎ walk barefoot and let the energy of the Earth rise along our body

☯︎ visualize the energies of the spirit of Spring and the soul of Nature filling our hearts

☯︎ thank Mother Nature for her abundance and love

☯︎ thank the Sun for its light and gentle warmth

☯︎ offer Mother Earth some of this new energy by letting it flow like a heart-to-heart exchange

How are you going to celebrate Ostara ?

I wish you a sweet and bright spring !

Flora Marais

See you on the blog

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