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Vital energy

What is life energy?

Called chi in China, qi or ki in Japan, prana in India and mana in Polynesia, vital energy is the invisible force that circulates throughout the body and maintains the breath of life.

This force, connected to our vital organs, circulates through energy channels called meridians. The 12 main ones are distributed along our body like a kind of invisible path through which this energy circulates.

Vital energy passes through a healthy lifestyle. An imbalance of this energy causes fatigue, stress, pain, discomfort...

To find harmony body, heart, mind, it is essential to take care of your vital energy and activate it.

Cats use simple practices for this:

- listen to yourself and take care of yourself

- get a massage regularly

- give and receive hugs

- move and breathe

- practice positive thinking

- cultivate joy, empathy, gratitude, love, compassion, non-judgment

- get closer to nature

- drink water regularly

- eating healthy, balanced and varied

- have a good sleep

What if we took an example? 😉😁

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